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Choosing between Flora & Curl's products depends on what suits your scalp, what your hair needs and what results you want (moisture, definition, volume, protection).

Step 1: Wash

Flora & Curl

8.000 KD

- Creates a deep lather to gently clean your curls and rid it of impurities and build-up!

- Perfect for oily scalps, fine hair, low density hair and wavy hair as their regular shampoo. For others, this can be a once a week as a deep cleaning shampoo.

Flora & Curl

8.500 KD

- A creamy shampoo that cleanses dry hair, moisturizes and softens it.

- Perfect for normal - dry scalps, dry hair, curly and kinky hair.

Flora & Curl

9.000 KD

- Cleanse with this refreshing shampoo formulated to promote hair growth, relieve itchy, flaky or dry scalp and remove product build-up.

- Soothes the effects of dandruff and makes the scalp feels fresh again.

Flora & Curl

11.000 KD

- 2-in-1, purify the scalp of build-up so that your hair can absorb products better and deep condition overworked strands.

- Can be used every 2 - 4 weeks.

Step 2: Condition

Flora & Curl

10.000 KD

- Moisturizing and essential nutrients for dry and damaged hair. Perfect for all textures, will not weigh the hair down.

Flora & Curl

9.500 KD

- Nourish your hair with this herbal conditioner that soothes the scalp, reduces hydral fatigue, and hydrates. 

Step 3: Moisturize

Does your hair need extra moisture? 

Flora & Curl

10.000 KD

- A lightweight, detangling leave in conditioner that adds softness and slip to hair to release knots and tangles

-Works as a primer

- Suits all hair textures

Flora & Curl

10.000 KD

- Transforms curls from dry and brittle to instantly softened with one spritz

- Can be used daily to refresh and rehydrate the hair

- Suits all textures, great for kinky hair

Step 4: Style

1. The Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion activates the curl shape and pattern, nourishes, moisturizes and controls frizz.

2. The Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel adds definition, body, frizz control and shine. 

3. The Sweet Hibiscus Curl Curl Volumizing Foam adds volume, body, bounce, shine and instantly lifts curls.

4. The Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Cream a heavy cream that deeply moisturizes, seals & adds superior shine dry, coily or kinky hair for long-lasting definition.

1,2,3 can either be combined all together, or 2 together or 1 used alone depending on what your hair needs and the results you want.

4 is perfect for coily or kinky hair and can be used alone.

Activate + Moisturize

Flora & Curl

9.000 KD

- Curl styling cream formulated to activate your curl shape, and reveal your pattern without any crunch.

- Frizz-combating formula, and glides smoothly, nourishing enough to add body and shine.

- Lightweight and provides a soft hold.

- Can be used by all waves, curls and kinks.


Flora & Curl

8.500 KD

- A curl defining gel that adds body, control and shine. 

- Deeply nourishing blend of pure botanicals that provide extra conditioning, great slip, and shine.

- Lightweight and provides more definition, enhanced curls and a medium hold.

- Can be used by all waves, curls and kinks.


Flora & Curl

9.000 KD

- Targets flat, limp areas in the hair with a volumizing moisture boost

- Helps to create a full-bodied curl pattern

- A light-weight & alcohol-free formula that won't dry out or weigh down your curls

- Can be used by all waves, curls and kinks

Rich Cream

Flora & Curl

8.500 KD

- Offers the perfect blend of definition, moisture and shine for beautifully defined hair

- Delivers well-defined twist-outs, braid-outs and Bantu knots

- Minimizes frizz, maximizes smoothness and hydrates dry & brittle hair

- Perfect for dry, coily and kinky hair types


Flora & Curl

12.000 KD

The perfect multi-tasking formula for dry, dull, and damaged hair and scalp! It can be used as an overnight hot oil treatment, a pre-poo treatment, a frizz taming serum, an oil to seal in moisture after styling, daily refreshing, a scalp treatment & more.

Sealing - 10+ Antioxidant-rich oils instantly seal in moisture 

Smoothening - Enhances natural sheen to create high shine and silkiness whilst reducing frizz

Protecting - Effective protection from harmful UV rays and heat, such as straighteners and hair dryers.

Promotes Growth - Vitamin C-rich fruit infusion balances and purifies the scalp

Balancing - Naturally soothes dry and itchy scalp

- Prime your scalp with this oil treatment to melt away product build-up, flakes and dirt with ease! 

- Encourages a balanced scalp, reduces scalp dryness, and protects the scalp during the wash day.

-  It softens the scalp and its existing elements, ready to be cleansed away by the Scalp Refresh Shampoo. 

Scalp Refresh

Flora & Curl

7.000 KD

- A scalp refresh, a cooling blend of soothing, refreshing botanicals hydrate and soothe a dry, flaky or irritated scalp instantly.

- Apply it whenever the scalp needs it - when it feels , or when you simply need an instant scalp refresh.


Flora & Curl

36.000 KD34.000 KD

Perfect for wavy hair, normal - oily scalps, fine hair, low density hair or anyone that wants volume! Suits curly hair too.

Flora & Curl

36.000 KD34.000 KD

Perfect for curly hair, normal - dry scalps, medium - high porosity hair. 

Suits dry wavy hair too and all textures.

Flora & Curl

37.000 KD35.000 KD

Perfect for coily or kinky hair or very thick, and dry curly hair.

Flora & Curl

33.000 KD29.500 KD

A scalp care range that promotes hair growth, provides soothing relief and removes scalp build-up. 

* Perfect for all hair types.

* Recommended for dry, itchy scalps.