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littlepinkdiary_'s Routine

Pattern: 3A

Texture: Fine

Density: Medium

Porosity: Low

History & Current Condition: 

My hair is pretty healthy, I never dyed it I used to henna it a lot maybe 6 years ago but stopped since it was drying my hair out; I did a protein treatment maybe 8 years ago to relax my curls a bit since I was struggling to find the perfect routine but there wasn’t any permanent damage. Its been a year and a half since I followed the curly girl method; however I’m not very strict. The only thing I focus on is avoiding harsh chemicals and ingredients in my shampoos, conditioners, leave ins, gels…basically all my styling products. I’m still trying to find the best routine and best products I try to switch every 6 months.

My hair goals:

More volume with not a lot of frizz and a bit of defined curls  

What I focus on:

I love volume, but I don’t like the frizz that comes with it so what I do on my wash day I make sure my curls are clumped and style with dripping wet hair, I also love the jankee brush since it clumps my hair but not as much as the denman brush. The next day I take a little bit of oil in my hands and separate the curls till I’m satisfied with the amount of volume, I don’t overdo it so my hair would last for a week and still look good. I also try to focus on the back of my hair since It’s the main area that I cant fully see what I’m doing so I section it off and style it alone. I also make sure that I use a bobble and sleep on silk/satin pillowcase and “pineapple” my hair

What I avoid:

I tried to love the denman brush but its not for me I prefer to finger curl. I avoid heavy creams since my hair is fine so it wont weight down my hair. I’m trying to get used to a diffuser but I prefer to airdry instead I diffuse if I’m in a rush or if I shower at night so I don’t sleep with wet hair. I also avoid shea moisture products they’re too heavy for my hair however, I use them if I’m out of my main products but I only use a leave in and a gel but I water them down.

Step 1: Wash

 I wash my hair with warm water and apply either shampoo to my scalp only I try to massage it for 40-60 seconds and sometimes I use a scalp massager to deeply clean my scalp from build up. 

Bounce Curl

10.500 KD

Shop Curls

4.000 KD

Step 2: Condition

I try to squeeze out excess water from my hair then apply the conditioner, I use praying hands to distribute the product and then gently with a wide tooth comb if my hair is extra tangled. I also try to leave the conditioner in as long as I can. I would usually do some body care while I wait. When I wash out the conditioner I “squish to condition” I cup my hands and get some water and scrunch/squish the product out, sometimes I don’t completely the conditioner out of my hair.

Bounce Curl

11.500 KD

Step 3: Deep Condition

I try to use a deep condition or a regular mask weekly and leave it on as long as possible. I apply the mask on my ends avoiding the scalp, and I use “praying hands” to distribute and I squish the product into my hair.


13.500 KD

Step 4: Add Volume

I apply a golf ball size amount of mousse to my hands and I rake and scrunch it through my hair until I feel like its evenly distributed. (I use the Boots Curly Hair Mousse)

Sweet Hibiscus Curl Volumizing Foam

Flora & Curl

9.000 KD
Avocado Hair Mousse

Curls - Green Collection

7.500 KD

Step 5: Moisturize

I do the 👌🏻 with my hand and how big the circle is I use that much of the leave in (hope this makes sense) I also praying hands this and scrunch it through my hair.

Step 6: Style

I apply a little more than the leave in and I rub it into my palms and lightly hover on the outside of my hair and then I start to scrunch it through. If I feel like I need volume I would clip my roots. I leave my hair to airdry or diffuse depends on the day.

Bounce Curl

11.500 KD