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Essential Accessories

Essential Accessories

Overwhelmed with the amount of available accessories? Not sure what the differences are or what you need? This will help!

Microfiber Towel

A Microfiber Towel is much gentler than a regular cotton terry towel. This will leave the hair cuticles intact and absorbs just the excess moisture without causing dryness or frizz. It will reduce breakage, prevent snags and enhance the curl shape. You will also notice a drastic reduction in drying time!

Tip: Do not use the same towel you dried your hair with to wrap your hair with too! We highly recommend scrunching your hair after styling with the Microfiber Towel to remove the excess water and then wearing the Microfiber Hair Turban for 30 minutes to reduce drying time. You can proceed to air drying or diffusing.

Congratulations! You now figured out what accessories you need!

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