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Styling Techniques

Styling Techniques

Now that you have chosen the products you needed, it's time to experiment! Why do I say "experiment"? Everything now comes with trial error, some things may work out for you and some things may not work out for you. 

Basic Techniques:

1- Raking: Applying the product and brushing it through with your fingers.

2- Scrunching: Squeezing your hair from the bottom upwards.

3- Praying Hands Method: Placing a section of your hair between the palm of your hands and smoothing it from the top to the bottom.

Some of the things to figure out:

1- Does your hair need to be sectioned? The more dense your hair, the more sections it needs.

2- Does your hair like to be styled on super wet or slightly wet hair? The more saturated the hair is with water, the less frizz you will get but the heavier the weight will be on your hair. Finer hair textures, low density & low porosity types may or may not like this.

3- Does your hair like it if you removed the excess water before or after applying your styling gel?

4- What do you prefer, volume or definition?

5- Does your hair look better if styled with or without a certain brush? (Ex. Denman Brush)

Experiment with different styling techniques, different products and different quantities of each product till you figure out what works best on you. YouTube is your best friend, there are hundreds of techniques you can try out. We highly recommend writing every wash day in a Curl Diary to keep track of all this and to spot any good or bad patterns in your wash days.

Please never think of giving up. This journey is not easy and it requires effort and patience. It is 100% normal to not figure everything out from the start, no one can get it right from the very start. Even if you happen to purchase products that don't suit your hair type best, experiment well with them, not everything works from the first try. Many things can influence your results like the weather, season, current hair condition, build up, and more. Take your time learning about your hair, read more and most importantly, enjoy your journey!


- Badriya xoxo

PS. I started fully understanding my hair a year after starting CGM and that is when I started seeing great and faster results. Please commit to stopping blowdries, chemical treatments and only use clean products, it really makes the biggest difference.

Congratulations you have completed our Routine Builder!

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns, info@shopcurls.com or my sending us a direct message on Instagram.