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Mini Superbrush


6.000 KD


MINI SIZE! This brush has an Italian Patent!

- Perfect for detangling

This brush removes tangles in such a gentle way, you will notice the back of it has elasticity so when a knot is stubborn it does not simply rip off strands of your hair as the base has elasticity.

- Great styler and product applicator

Helps with distributing hair products (ie. Leave in conditioners, cream, butters, gel, etc.) evenly across the hair. 

- Dries the hair quickly without causing damage 

- Very easy to clean (simply with water)

- Can be used on wet or dry hair

- Massages the scalp

- Suitable for all hair types and can be used on extensions or while blow-drying hair. 

Tip: Always brush your hair from ends to roots to avoid breakage and to ease detangling. 

Tip: Since curly hair tangles more than other types of hair, it's best to brush your hair with this in the shower with lots of conditioner to remove all the tangles gently.