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Collapsible Diffuser

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9.000 KD


Our diffuser is the perfect styling tool to dry, enhance curl definition and add volume to wavy, curly & kinky hair! Distributes air evenly to minimize frizz, collapsible, lightweight, travel-friendly and flexible to stretch and shrink to fit most hairdryers.

To double check if it will fit your hair dryer, make sure the hair dryer is narrow and measure the nozzle of your hair dryer, if it is round and approximately 4 - 5 cm then it should fit. 

Diffuser diameter: 14 cm 

Made with 100% BPA free, FDA approved, heat resistant silicone up to 460° F / 235°C.


How to Use

1 - Apply your styling products.

2 - You can diffuse and dry right away but if you wait 20-30 minutes before diffusing you will minimize the time you expose your hair to heat.

3 - Set your hair dryer to low heat or cool air. Using high heat results in frizz and hair damage. 

4- For volume and bouncy curls: Flip your hair upside down or sideways then gently collect sections of hair and place them in the diffuser and move the diffuser up towards your roots. (Tip: When placing the hair into the diffuser, making sure the hairdryer is off will ensure minimum frizz. Once the diffuser is near your roots, open the hairdryer). You can either keep moving the hair dryer slowly up and down or hold it in place near your roots, try both ways and check what works best for you. Work through all the sections.

For long and defined curls: Flip your hair upside down or sideways and hover the diffuser a few centimeters away from your hair. Move it all around.

5- It's best to dry your hair 80 - 90% and keep the rest to air dry.



Customer Reviews

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It doesn’t fit to my both blow dryers


Collapsible Diffuser


thank you for finally fixing my hair

Adds volume

I'm not very sure how to use it but I have fine hair and diffusing with this has added a lot of volume to my hair so I love it

I love it

Fits my babyliss hair dryer perfectly and was easy to use! Thank you