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Clarifying Conditioner


7.500 KD

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Designed to embrace your natural hair.

Infused with the natural oils and enriched with fatty acids and antioxidants the olew clarifying conditioner naturally moisturises dry, damaged hair to detangle and add shine transforming thirsty curls to happy bouncy curls!

How to use: 

Apply generously to wet hair, with special focus to the ends and to drier, damaged areas. Brush thoroughly and then rinse with warm water.

Results: Moisturised, hydrated and soft curls.

Size: 200ml 

Silicone Free. Paraben Free. Cruelty Free. Vegan. Curly Girl.

Ingredients List

Aqua Cetearyl Alcohol Ceteareth 20 Soytrimonium Chloride Glycerine Cocos Nucifera Argnia Spinosa Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Olea Europaea Fruit Oil Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil Parfum Phenoxyethanol Ethylhexylglycerin