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Washing Routine

Build Your Own Washing Routine

There are 3 main types of "shampoos". You need at least 2 in your routine.

(Clarifying Shampoo + Low Poo) (Clarifying Shampoo + Co Wash) (Clarifying Shampoo + Low Poo + Co Wash)

For the Low Poo Section, you will have to choose between Non Creamy and Creamy, more details below.

Shampoos in order of most cleansing to least: Clarifying, Low Poo - Non Creamy, Low Poo - Creamy then Co Wash.

Clarifying Shampoo

A deep wash or detox to remove product build up. It should be used 1 - 4 times a month depending on hair texture & porosity. Fine, wavy, thin, low porosity hair usually clarify more than once a month.

Signs you need to clarify:

- Flaky, oily, itchy, dry scalp and/or dandruff

- Hair feels heavy & "dirty"

- Usual products no longer working

- Greasy hair

- Hair feels like there's leftover products

- Unexplained frizz

- Losing hair more than usual

- Limp, lifeless curls

Clarifying is so important. Skipping this can result in hair loss due to clogged pores, dry, frizzy, lifeless hair.

Congratulations! You built your own washing routine!

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