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Stay Bowtiful

Stay Bowtiful's Routine

Pattern: 2B

Texture: Fine

Density: Medium

Porosity: Low to normal

Hair History & Current Condition: 

I grew up with stick straight hair so when a pattern started to form on my hair, I would brush it out because I was so confused. I later resorted to using curling wands and straighteners and getting blow outs at the salon. However, whenever I kept my hair natural it would be frizzy with no defined pattern or texture at all. I minimized heat starting from August 2019 and more so February 2020. I bought my first Shop Curls project July 2019. Thankfully, I have never dyed my hair or done any Keratin treatments. My waves went from being barely there, to type 2A and now to a clear 2B pattern. 

My hair goals:

Have a similar pattern throughout all my hair (no really straight pieces), avoid halo frizz and keep my waves defined but roots voluminous! 

What I focus on:

Moisturizing my hair without weighing it down, which is essential for wavy hair. Also, since my hair is really long it gets tangled easily so I focus on avoiding that issue as much as possible. Since my hair is oily at the roots, I clarify often and don’t use heavy shampoos. Finally, I try my best at achieving the best moisture to protein ratio and balance. 

What I avoid:

I avoid co-washes because they tend to weigh my hair down and give me huge clumps and somewhat of a greasy look. I avoid heavy oils that cannot penetrate my hair shaft and butters oils such as Shea butter and coconut oil (especially in large amounts). I also avoid brushing my hair dry, direct heat, and harsh harmful ingredients!

Step 1: Pre Poo

I use the Righteous Roots RX oil very sparingly on my roots, first massaging it with my fingers then with a scalp brush. Then I detangle my hair with the Righteous Roots Pre-Poo oil, also not being very generous with it.