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Find Your Perfect Cream

Find Your Perfect Cream

A cream is a styling product that provides moisture and a soft hold. 

What's the difference between a leave in conditioner and a cream?

Leave in's only provide moisture, they act as a primer for styling products and do not provide hold. Creams also provide moisture, but they also provide a soft hold to help add definition and frizz control. You can either choose to use one of them or together if you have very dry hair.

When do I use a cream?

Since creams are stylers, they are used after rinsing off your conditioner or after applying your leave in conditioner. Do not rinse it out.

Choosing a cream that suits your hair texture is so important to avoid weighing down your hair! We'll help you choose the perfect one for your hair type!

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Brands try to make products that suit most textures, porosities and patterns. When we break down the products to help you decide what to purchase, it does not mean it will only suit the hair types written. It is simply a recommendation by us and based on reviews to help you pick out products.

Lightweight Creams

Great for: 

* Fine texture that gets weighed down easily.

* Medium texture that likes to layer products.

* Any one wanting more fullness and volume.

* Thin, wavy hair.

Lightweight does not necessarily mean its not so moisturizing or that you can use a lot of the product for fine hair, always start with a smaller amount and build up the next wash day if you needed to.

Congratulations! You now found your perfect cream!

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