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Stay Bowtiful's Routine

Pattern: 2B

Texture: Fine

Density: Medium

Porosity: Low to normal

Hair History & Current Condition: 

I grew up with stick straight hair so when a pattern started to form on my hair, I would brush it out because I was so confused. I later resorted to using curling wands and straighteners and getting blow outs at the salon. However, whenever I kept my hair natural it would be frizzy with no defined pattern or texture at all. I minimized heat starting from August 2019 and more so February 2020. I bought my first Shop Curls project July 2019. Thankfully, I have never dyed my hair or done any Keratin treatments. My waves went from being barely there, to type 2A and now to a clear 2B pattern. 

My hair goals:

Have a similar pattern throughout all my hair (no really straight pieces), avoid halo frizz and keep my waves defined but roots voluminous! 

What I focus on:

Moisturizing my hair without weighing it down, which is essential for wavy hair. Also, since my hair is really long it gets tangled easily so I focus on avoiding that issue as much as possible. Since my hair is oily at the roots, I clarify often and don’t use heavy shampoos. Finally, I try my best at achieving the best moisture to protein ratio and balance. 

What I avoid:

I avoid co-washes because they tend to weigh my hair down and give me huge clumps and somewhat of a greasy look. I avoid heavy oils that cannot penetrate my hair shaft and butters oils such as Shea butter and coconut oil (especially in large amounts). I also avoid brushing my hair dry, direct heat, and harsh harmful ingredients!

Step 1: Pre Poo

I use the Righteous Roots RX oil very sparingly on my roots, first massaging it with my fingers then with a scalp brush. Then I detangle my hair with the Righteous Roots Pre-Poo oil, also not being very generous with it.

Scalp Massager Brush

Shop Curls

4.000 KD
Righteous Roots Rx

Righteous Roots

8.500 KD
Pre-Poo (Pre Wash Detangler)

Righteous Roots

8.500 KD
Mini 2 oz- Righteous Roots Rx

Righteous Roots

5.000 KD

Step 2: Wash / Cleanse/ Clarify

I love the Bounce Curl shampoo since it can be used for every wash day. The Olew shampoo also really suits my hair type. Both of these products really cleanse my hair without stripping it completely of moisture. 

Cleansing Shampoo


7.750 KD
Enzyme Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

Bounce Curl

11.500 KD

Step 3: Condition

I apply conditioner on my hair section by section, making sure it’s applied to every part of my hair from the top of my ears downwards, avoiding the roots. I use the slip of the conditioner to gently detangle my hair with my fingers, as wet hair is really fragile (at this point my hair feels like seaweed) I use a water-conditioner-water-conditioner-water method, but making sure not to drench my hair in water. Then I put in a shower cap for it sit on my hair for a while as I continue my showering routine of scrubbing and washing my body. 

Aloeba Daily Conditioner


7.500 KD
Super Smooth Cream Conditioner

Bounce Curl

11.500 KD
Disposable Shower Caps 10pcs

Beauty Tools

2.000 KD

Step 4: Deep Condition 

I only do this about once a week or as needed! I sometimes apply it before showering, but mostly after washing my hair to get the full benefit of deep conditioning. I alternate between protein and protein-free masks. I apply less than I would apply a conditioner. 

Deep Conditioning Treatment


7.500 KD
Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner

Bounce Curl

12.500 KD

Step 5: Leave In Conditioner

If I didn’t detangle my hair with my fingers while the conditioner was on my hair, I apply my leave in and detangle using a brush. I use the glazing or roping method to apply it. 

Moisture Balance Leave-In Conditioner

Bounce Curl

12.000 KD
Flexy Brush

Curl Keeper

8.500 KD

Step 6: Plop

I use my microfiber towel to plop my hair while I continue my post-shower body regimen that doesn’t take more than 15 minutes 

Microfiber Towel

Shop Curls

8.000 KD

Step 7: Mist & Gel

I lightly mist my hair with water, then I apply my gel with either of praying hands and scrunching methods, or using only the raking the method. If I know I’m gonna be facing humidity, I go for the Jessicurl gel. Otherwise, my go to is the Bounce Curl gel.

Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

Bounce Curl

11.500 KD
Spiralicious Gel


7.500 KD
Aquavescent Hair Spray


7.500 KD
Spiralicious Gel - 32 oz


22.000 KD

Step 8: Diffuse

I diffuse until I’m tired of diffusing! First I let the diffuser hover over my hair, then I take the ends on my hair place them on the diffuser to dry vertically. 

Collapsible Diffuser

Shop Curls

9.000 KD