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Moony's Routine

Pattern: 2C & 3A

Texture: Medium - Coarse

Density: High

Porosity: Low - Medium

History & Current Condition: 

My hair used to be kerastraightened fo three years before I decided to embrace my natural curls. It took them a while & a lot of product trial & error to finally find the perfect routine to show off my full curl potential!

My hair goals:

Bigger, tighter & moisturized curls! 

What I focus on:

The issue of dryness, the fact that the curls would frizz up second or third day after washing. Dryness mostly on the back of my head. Also, a lot of tangles. 

What I avoid:

Sulfates & high alcohol products, over washing my hair, & sleeping without my silk bonnet. 

Step 1: Wash

Blue Berry Bliss shampoo used with a scalp massager to really get rid of any build up. I prefer a low alcohol shampoo that is also moisturizing & scalp cleansing.

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Step 2: Condition

Blue Berry Bliss Conditioner, leave it in while I brush my teeth & shave, etc. Then wash it out. I like a deep nice smelling conditioner that’s not too heavy.

Step 3: Moisturize

On dripping wet hair I’ll use the Blue Berry Bliss Leave in conditioner. I can not live without a nice smelling leave in conditioner thats also not heavy.

Step 4: Style

Now I’ll section my hair into four different sections & one section at a time I’ll first add Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream then add Blue Berry Bliss Curl Control Jelly & proceed to comb through each section by itself. I’ve learned the secret to amazing defined curls: A CURL CREAM. To further define my curls, I’ll add curl gel as well

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Step 5: Dry

 I’ll scrunch up my hair then leave it to dry in a middle parting OR I’ll let it dry 60% then use a diffuser. 

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