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Denman D3 Brush


5.000 KD

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What is it best for? 

Defining Wet Curls .

Perfect for: 

Curly Girls:

  • Even product distribution 
  • Separating and defining curly hair
  • Controlled styling (After applying leave in & cream, before applying gel)
  • Detangling wet hair  
  • Prevent frizz 
  • Modify brush rows for desired curl definition. (For tighter and smaller curls keep all rows on the brush. For big, clumped curls remove alternate rows)

Non-curly girls:

  • Sculpting and styling hair  
  • Blow-drying & Blow-styling  
  • Smoothing styled, straight hair 
  • Styles requiring grip, tension and control 


1. Apply leave-in and finger detangle

2. Apply curl cream

3. Divide your curly hair into sections.

4. Brush hair with the Denman brush gently from mid-length.

5. Shake the brushed section to encourage clumps.

6. Lock and seal the curl clumps with gel, praying hands method.

How does it work? 

  • Seven rows of sculpted round-ended nylon pins separate, shape hair and define curls when hair is wet   
  • The styling edges of the half-round brush create tension when shaping the hair during blow-styling   
  • Unique pin pattern provides deliver extra grip and tension   

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