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Curl Flo

All the way from London, a range of high quality products for waves, curls and kinks. These products will leave your hair feeling light and moisturized, their products have a lot of slip to help add softness and ease detangling.

!منتجات كيرل فلو من لندن , منتجاتهم جودتها عالية وتصلح للويفي والكيرلي والكنكي. منتجاتهم خفيفه و ترطب عدل و وايد تسهل فك التشابك

Step 1: Wash

Curl Flo

8.000 KD

Sulfate free creamy, non stripping, foaming cleanser. Powered by organic lemongrass which is rich in vitamin B to hydrate, being gentle on your curls.

.الشامبو كريمي و يرطب و فيه رغوة

Curl Flo

8.000 KD

A Co Wash = a non-lather conditioning wash, that is incredibly gentle. Can be used frequently.

كوواش ترطيبه عالي ومن غير رغوة، يمكن استخدامه يوميا.

Step 2: Condition

You need to condition your hair every single wash day. The Lemongrass & Avocado Conditioner will be your regular, daily conditioner while the Deep Conditioning Treatment will be used at least once a week.

Packed with nourishing, natural ingredients to slip away those tangles and hydrate your curls with out weighing your hair down.

.البلسم ترطيبه عالي لاكن مو ثقيل على الشعر ، وايد يساعد فك التشابك

Curl Flo

9.000 KD

An ultra moisturising, deep conditioning treatment which is protein free and absorbs in your strands to protect your curls. Achieve soft, silky and defined curls with this.

.الماسك ترطيبه عميق ، يخلي الشعر ملمسه حيل ناعم و يجمع الكيرلي

Curl Flo

8.500 KD

Revitalise, hydrate and quench your curls with this lightweight yet nourishing & strengthening conditioner.

It won't weigh down your hair and has a heavenly natural scent.

Step 3: Moisturize

This step is optional if you need extra moisture. If your hair is fine or can't handle layering products, go for the lightweight Hydrating Mist.

Curl Flo

8.000 KD
Infused with marshmallow root extract for superior slip and frizz protection. Use this leave in conditioner if your hair needs extra moisturising or manageability before styling your hair.

.المرطب وايد يساعد فك التشابك و يقلل من النفشه و يكون للشعر المحتاج ترطيب زيادة

Curl Flo

7.500 KD

This leave on spray is the perfect primer for the Curling Cream, Butter Cream and Styling Gel. This will leave your hair lightweight, hydrated and nourished. Can be used as a daily refreshing spray.

.سبري الصبار والجاي الاخضر ممكن يستعمل كمرطب خفيف قبل التصفيف او كمرطب يومي

Step 4: Cream

The Curl Moisturising Cream is lightweight while the Curl Butter Cream is heavier. If you hair is very dry, coarse, super curly or kinky go for the Curl Butter Cream.

Curl Flo

4.000 KD
Use this light curl cream to add definition and shine to your curls without feeling greasy.  This provides a soft hold.

 .كريم خفيف يحدد الكيرلي ويعطي لمعة ومسكة خفيفة

Curl Flo

8.000 KD

This curling butter cream is the perfect why to achieve your style while nourishing your strands. Use this cream when you need additional moisture or clumps. It is great for your twist out, braid out or bantu knot styles. 

.كريم اثقل لترطيب اعلى وتجميع للكيرلي اكثر ومسكتة خفيفة

Step 5: Styler

For extra hold and longer lasting curls combine this with a cream.

Curl Flo

8.500 KD
Get perfectly defined hair with this lightweight styling gel. Formulated with nourishing ingredients, including Flaxseed Oil and Marshmallow Root Extract for ultimate slip. 

 .الجل خفيف ويعطي مسكة اقوى اذا استعمل بعد الكريم ويحدد الشعر اكثر

Curl Flo

9.500 KD
Delivers incredible hold and definition without crunch or sticky curls. Restore your curls to life.

Enriched with protein, in a low amount to allow for frequent use in your balanced routine.

Curl Flo

9.000 KD
Our alcohol free foam takes your hair to the next level! Boost volume, define your curls and achieve soft bouncy hair.

Step 6: Sealing OIl

A must for high porosity hair.

Curl Flo

7.500 KD
Achieve healthier, stronger strands with this blend of natural oils. The oil is lightweight, yet perfect to seal in the moisture. 
Improves Hair Health, Heat Protectant, Controls frizz, Smoothes and hydrates individual strands 

Multiple uses:
1) Seal the moisture in your natural hair, without that over greasy feeling. Use this oil as part of your LOC/LCO routine. 
2) 'Scrunch out that crunch' - Use a small amount of our oil to break your Curl Flo Styling Gel cast. 
3) Pre-Shampoo

.الزيت خفيف يحافظ على الترطيب بالشعر و يعطي حماية من الحرارة و يقلل النفشة. ممكن يستعمل قبل غسيل الشعر او بعد المرطب او بعد نا ينشف الجل

Travel Sizes

The perfect way to try out Curl Flo's range of products!

Curl Flo

20.000 KD


مجموعة Curl Flo تحتوي على:
(الحجم 100ml )
1 x Moisturizing Cream Shampoo
1 x Lemongrass and Avocado Conditioner
1 x Leave In Conditioner
1 x Curl Moisturizing Cream
1 x Marshmallaw Extract Styling Gel