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A personalized and customized service to treat your hair specifically! I will consult you step by step on what to do, what to get, how to use it and how to understand your own hair. Everyone's hair is different and reacts differently, if you're looking to really see change with a curly expert then this is for you!

These packages are best suited for beginners. Currently the consultations are only in English. Arabic will be available soon. Please read the package details below to know exactly what you are purchasing. You will receive an email from Shop Curls a few minutes after you purchase your package.

Curly Girl Starter Pack - 18 KD

By email, one time service. 

  • A fully customized plan created for your hair specifically.
    • Hair Profile, Products Recommendation, Wash Day Routines, Styling Guide, everything made just for you!

One time service means 1 fully customized plan. You can reply with any questions related to the contents of the email if something was not clear for you or if you have questions and I will still help. This package does not include updating the plan or following up on the results.

Curl Guru - 28 KD

By email, 1 initial plan + 1 follow up + 1 updated plan.

  • A fully customized plan created for your hair specifically.
    • Hair Profile, Products Recommendation, Wash Day Routines, Styling Guide, everything made just for you!
  • One follow up to update the routine after your desired time period (typically when you finish using your products and I hear your full review on them with before & after results.)

Curly BFF (1 month service) - 48 KD

  • A fully customized plan created for your hair specifically.
  • Hair Profile, Product Recommendations, Wash Day Routines, Multiple Styling Guides, everything made just for you!
  • Monitor progress: Almost every wash day will be sent to me, what you used, what you did and your results.
  • Analysis: Observing patterns and results. Is there a specific ingredient or technique your hair just loves or hates?  Is your protein / moisture balance well maintained? (With this, the more detailed you are with me and the more you notice the tiny differences, the better the results with the consultation.)
  • WhatsApp service: A curly friend for day by day questions and faster answers.


  • Why should I get a consultation?
    • This is for beginners only who are lost and need step by step personalized help. If you don't understand your hair, what to get or how to use what you're getting this is for you!
  • How did you get your knowledge on this?
    • I have a deep passion for curly hair and after 9 years of using straighteners and keratin treatments, I fixed my own hair all based on research. It took me 3 years to perfect this and to fully understand the process and the science behind it. I am also so proud to have recovered and trained many other curly girls.
  • The consultation will give me results 100%?
    • Nothing is 100%, the consultation is just the first big step in your journey! This journey has a lot to do with the effort you put into it. I will guide you but in the end, perfecting your techniques and paying attention to the day-by-day differences makes this work. If you plan on sticking to the initial consultation for the rest of your life, this may not be for you. You need to have the dedication to fixing and understanding your hair and what it needs. Our hair changes from time to time, knowing why and how to change up your routine is important. I will help you based on my experience and you will help me by reporting your observations very clearly. 
  • Will the products you recommend be available on Shop Curls?
    •  This up to you, if you prefer products from Shop Curls or if you don't mind ordering online from other brands, I can still suggest. The consultation isn't about selling my products to you, it's about finding the best suited products for you as I have tested over 200 different products in the past 3 years.
  • How long does it take to see results?
    • This highly depends on the level of damage your hair has been through. For some people it could take years, some less and some a few months. Typically within 3 months you should see some results but definitely not the final results. 

To maintain quality, I will only accept a VERY limited number of consultations. If sold out, sign up for notifications. Availability will be updated weekly.

*Please do not add any other items to your cart when purchasing a consultation.*

Customer Reviews

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Veryy helpful!

This was very helpful and it made me realise what I was doing wrong and I now Know what my hair needs and what's better for my hair!

loved itt!!

i started my curly hair journey three months ago and i knew i was doing something wrong because i wasn't seeing results, and when i got the guide and started following it im seeing results and its only been two weeks.

Love it

الخطه شامله كل شي و ملمه بكل النواحي و علمتني اشياء ما كنت اعرفها من قبل ، و متحمسه اجرب الطرق المقترحه و متأكده اني راح اوصل حق النتيجه اللي ابيها و اللي تمشي مع شعري .