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Badriya's Routine

Pattern: 3B

Texture: Fine

Density: High

Porosity: High - Colored Hair

History & Current Condition: 

I used to straighten my hair for almost 10 years and have done several relaxing treatments. I currently follow the Curly Girl Method and have been natural for over 3 years. I recently bleached and colored my hair so I'm trying my best to repair the damage.

My hair goals:

More & more volume and elongated, a bit looser curls.

What I focus on:

Fine texture and high porosity hair need and love protein which is why I use a lot of protein in my routine to give my curls strength and structure. My hair loses moisture easily and can get pretty bad tangles from that. I focus on properly moisturizing my curls with lightweight products and sealing with an oil and gel so my curls hold up longer! As I have high density hair, I always section when applying conditioner or leave ins / creams.

What I avoid:

Moisture heavy, protein free products give me very soft, mushy and frizzy curls, meaning I get into moisture overload very easily. I don't like air-drying all the way as that gives me flatter hair. I also avoid styling with heavy creams and butters as my fine hair can't handle heaviness. I avoid perfectly defined curls, as I prefer more volume = some frizz.

My end goal:

More & more volume and elongated, a bit looser curls.

Step 1: Pre Poo

I detangle my hair pre shower to ensure less hair shedding. I always use a small amount of oil to protect my hair from breakage. I either detangle with my fingers or using the Superbrush. I would typically massage in a scalp oil as well and keep everything under a shower cap for 30 mins - 1 hour then proceed to washing. Apply a small amount so it can be washed off without needing to clarify.